22 May 06 by Simko Ahmed
Simko Ahmed artworks

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Internal War

war stolen all my childhood dreams but as far as Spring never dies, the hope booming and green will come back after long yellow autumn.

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22 May 06 05:00

Simko is a good artist. He is painting out of his emotions and deep from his heart. He is a true reporter of a nation who have been killed and terrorised for hundereds of years, nobody hears their voice until recently. The interior war is a war I have lived in it. My childhood smae as Simko's is a long story of wars, interior wars, exodus, bombardment and even witnessing genocide. It is a miracle that I ma alive and I ahrdly believe that I am out the Saddam's prison alive. However, Icannot express my dreams, desires and wishes as Simko is doing that is why I vote that Simko is great.

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07 Feb 07 19:39

a very good and intreging art work "love it."

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25 Sep 07 13:29

this is very dark and inspiring.

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24 Jun 10 06:51

WOW what a deep scene