13 Dec 05 by david dalessandro
david dalessandro artworks

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2 horses in field

16" x 24"

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12 Dec 05 05:00

Nice painting David, almost Matisse-like. I love the blue ground. Do you have any favourite artists who inspire you to move on with your own work? I mean - are you challenged (maybe motivated is a better word) by the work of other artists?

Thanks for any additional comments. /j-p.

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13 Dec 05 05:00

Thank you John-Paul. I'm inspired by Fra Angelico, Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Memling, Persian minature painting, chinese painting, Piero di Cosimo, Uccello, Unicorn tapestries, early Al Held, and early DeKooning--amoung others

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13 Dec 05 05:00

There is a great show of Fra Angelico at the Met right now--just amazing! What makes a great painting is nothing complicated.
To me, painting should have a connection to elements in our life. Shapes, forms, space, gestures, color. All the formal elements of a painting have to work on a flat 2D level and also have 3D meanings.

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13 Dec 05 05:00

Among others? phew what a mix of styles,eras and continents!

Some time ago I saw an alterpiece by Fra Angelico in a museum in Perugia. It was mesmerizing in it's harmonious colour combinations of powdery pinks and greys, rich reds and ultramarines. There was a perfect stillness about the work which made passers-by naturally stop and admire.

In your opinion, what is it that makes a great painting?