23 Apr 08 by Annabelle Frenette
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Opening dream01-15

Opening Dream is a series of 29 photographs of nature. During the summer of 2005, I photographed trees, plants, flowers and their roots while I found myself shrouded by the magic of their presence and the importance of their role in nature. Dream becomes reality in a prodigious, stunning and extraordinary arousal of admiration. This nature truly exists in Lotbinière which borders the Quebec Saint Lawrence River’s south side. Ice flow and tide have, over the years, been harsh to this wild vegetation. I photographed this nature as though it were alive and gifted with the presence of spirits. Certain cultures believe that trees are not only a liaison between heaven and earth but also sometimes the home of spirits. Look carefully and you can imagine the presence of shapes or beings which could be better detailed. The subject’s brutal energy is palpable and sometimes ugly alongside beauty and delicacy. The natural formation of branches and roots produce fascinating lines and shapes. Plants are very close to mankind yet they belong to a different world: a surreal world, a world of dreams and of sensitivity beyond our realm. The various stages of transformation, the presence of a caterpillar on a new leaf basking in the sunlight and among the sound of waves, combine to offer a performance, a poem, a spectacle. Flowers and rhizomes share the floor beside deeply rooted and indestructible yet broken and aged trees. The formidable force of nature is witnessed in this desolate wilderness which combines both dreams and reality.