27 Jun 08 by amit kalla
amit kalla artworks

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In my abstract works there is an attempt to create a world of fantasy is being done in which indices of silence do speak, undiluted compressed vibrations realized. I feel different ways at different times-which yes I do face to face, sometimes in the shape of rainbow / sometimes it is semi-shadowed / sometimes a solitary chant / sometimes a magical hot hues/ sometimes faded expressions / sometimes contrasts, there is a certain Naivety in my painting style, but I use this as a non conformity to become more of an individualist using more imagination. My art works embodies multi & monochromatic abstractions yonour consists of space and time/ reflection and self exploration, according to perception forms-elements results of life force and psyche in motion, this theory derives me to recreate the delicate balance between real and abstracted forms of visual and metaphysical experiences .Each work is an individual performa in the eye of the viewer, it is a secretive world of art-a pre-destined creations roaming in the deep colours for a cosmic expansion in the multi forms of animate and inanimate, which not expositions or illustrations of any kind of ideology, They are the poems calligraphed with the light and shades of Aditya, the inner sun;full of tangible colours and textures one can smell and hear, which is unique among the usual. ………Amit Kalla