27 Apr 23 by Angelo Ribezzi
international art exhibition in Rome

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It opens on 6 May 2023 at 6 pm the international art exhibition in Rome "Artexpo Spring Rome 2023" at the new location "Impact Art” exhibition space in the historic center of Rome between the Trevi Fountain and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Via Palermo 41 00184 Rome.
Exhibited several artworks, paintings, photographs and digital, by artists from fifteen different countries: Azerbaijan; China; Estonia; France; Georgia; Germany; Iran; Italy; Kazakhstan; Lithuania; Mexico; Holland; Poland; United Kingdom; United States.
Artexpo Spring Rome 2023 is open from 6 May 2023 to 24 May 2023 with exhibition hours from Monday to Saturday from 5pm to 7pm
Artists selected by Artists in the World Events
Paolo Avanzi ---->solo exhibition; Fabrizio Berti ---->solo exhibition; Pasquale Caraviello; Nello Caruso; Oksana Chakhaia; Immacolata Di Palma; Sofi Etsadashvili ---->solo exhibition; Michaela Fulea; Maria Gattu; Gabriella Giannini ---->solo exhibition; Svetlana Grecova; Mathieu Grenouilleau; Ayla Insanova; Paulina Knyziak-Niezgodzka; Donata Maria Rita Licciardello "LaDy" ---->solo exhibition; Galiya Makasheva ---->solo exhibition; Sevar Mammadova; Maria Caterina Mariano "Mari'"; Asmar Narimanbekov "AsmarArt"; Viive Noor; Aleksandra Ogórkiewicz; Piera Pazzaglia; Ilaria Pergolesi; Fabiola Porras "Fabyte"; Kazys Venclovas; Daina Venclovienė; Virginia Vetrano.
Artists selected by Mahomahi Gallery
Suzan Azari; Aida Nobakht Pour; Saghi; Mohammad Mahdi Seyed Rezaei; Mahura Shabani ---->solo exhibition; Mona Tirgar.
Artists selected by Art Oriental Ltd
Athena; Jiangjun Dai; Zhen Guo; Jue Hu; Aiyuan Liu; Weitao Liu; HongShun Wang; Wen Xie; Yang Xu; Muqing Yang; HongMan Zhang.

Event organization Artists in the World Events https://www.artintheworld.net/
Artists in the World Events is an art event management company. Creating successful and quality contemporary international arts events and opportunities for visual artists and fine art photographers. We are based in Rome and operating in Europe with artists of all nationalities. Our primary mission is to focus on the development of artists through our art events programme, and membership activities. Artists in the World Events offers to artists of all nationalities the opportunity to showcase their artworks in professionals art galleries located in a centre area of the best cities in europe for arts and culture. The artists can broaden their artistic career and exhibitions background, and connecting and sharing with worldwide people.
The Art Gallery Rome intends to be a reference point for the promotion and spread of Contemporary Art by both Italian and foreign artists, thanks to the professionalism and experience of a selected staff. Our main purpose is to give artists more visibility, providing them with an important showcase in a place very popular with both tourists and residents, with a series of services that characterize a high-level organization.
Art Gallery Rome https://www.artgalleryrome.it/
Arte a Roma http://www.romaart.it
Galleria Arte a Roma http://www.romeartgallery.it

Mahomahi Art Gallery
Mahomahi Art Gallery is a prestigious art gallery in Tehran, with the artistic direction of Zahra Kamali Aghdam, contributes to the spread of contemporary art by Iranian artists not only in Iran, but also abroad, with more than 46 international exhibitions, including 6 exhibitions in Italy.
She has been collaborating with Artists in the World Events for several years, for organization of artistic events whose main purpose is the promote of art in a high-level international cultural context and an actual realization of a cultural exchange, which involves not only Iranian and Italian artists, but artists from all over the world.

Art Oriental Ltd
Art Oriental Ltd is an enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality artworks and related services for our clients. Our headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, and we have a branch in China.
Our artworks include paintings, sculptures, installations, prints, photographs, and various collections from around the world. We collaborate with many museums, galleries, private collectors, artists, and representatives of artists at home and abroad to provide professional services for our clients, including art purchase, exhibition, appraisal, and evaluation.
Our team is composed of professionals with rich backgrounds in art and market experience.
Our team of experts has deep knowledge of art appreciation, global market insight, and rich auction and exhibition experience.
Art Oriental Ltd enjoys a high reputation in the industry. We are committed to promoting art and culture through various forms such as exhibitions, art books and magazines, and participating in major art fairs at home and abroad to promote global art exchanges and development.
We also provide online exhibition, auction, and purchase services to provide a more convenient art experience for our clients.
The core values of Art Oriental Ltd. are integrity, professionalism, service, and quality. We put our clients first and always adhere to high-quality and high-standard service concepts, committed to becoming one of the best art service providers in China and around the world.